Zip Top Bag

Custom and stock items are available. Contact us for pricing and availability.

  • 100% Virgin Low and Linear Low-Density
  • Designed for Multiple Uses
  • Zipper Top Closure
    Broad Offerings
    All Laddawn recloseable bags are manufactured to full gauge specifications and offer exceptional clarity and reliable closure performance.
    These bags have excellent moisture barrier properties and meet FDA and USDA specifications.
    Zippers are easy to operate. They work well for fast opening and closing.
    Note: Custom Zip Tops come with reinforced hammerseals; our standard stock zip tops do not

    • Bag Width = Width of Product + 1½”
    • For rigid items, add ½” more to the width of the bag to allow the item to fit
    • Bag Length = Length of product + 1”
    • For thick or bulky items add the Depth of the product to both Width and Length
    • Add ½” to 2” to both dimensions for a looser fit

    Flat Product: 2.5” W x 5” H
    Bag Size: at least 4” W x 6” L