Slider Top Bag

Custom and stock items are available. Contact us for pricing and availability.

  • 100% Virgin Low and Linear Low-Density Polyethylene.
  • Easy and Reuseable Open and Close Slider.
  • 16 Stock Sizes.
  • Meets all FDA and USDA Specifications for Storing Food Items.


    • Bag Width = Width of Product + 1½”
    • For rigid items, add ½” more to the width of the bag to allow the item to fit
    • Bag Length = Length of product + ½”
    • For thick or bulky items add the Depth of the product to both Width and Length
    • Add ½” to 2” to both dimensions for a looser fit

    Flat Product: 2½” W x 5½” H
    Bag Size: at least 4” W x 6” L