Stretch Wrap

Hand Wrap Film

  • Hand and Machine Stretch Films (Clear, Color, Opaque)
  • Converted Hand Wrap
  • Stretch Banding Films
  • Vented Pallet Wraps and Stretch Netting
  • Printed Stretch Film

CAST – clear and quiet, for uniform loads
BLOWN – Puncture resistant, for irregular loads, performs better than cast film in cold temperatures


Opaque Stretch Wrap FilmOpaque Stretch Wrap

Recommended for Product Concealment, Outdoor Storage and International Shipments

  • Strong cast film comes off roll smoothly and quietly.
  • Black UVI films contain additives to repel sun's ultraviolet rays.


2" to 5" Wrap

2" to 5" Wrap

Banding film is more economical and quicker to use than strapping or tape for combining items for shipment.

  • One plastic dispenser is included in each case.
  • Film will not leave a residue on products.
  • Quiet and clear cast film.
  • Available in case quantities.


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